Construction: Day OneJohn was here

Construction: Day One

John was here at about 8:30am and worked all day. He got the garage door taken down, the raised floor installed in the front room (previously the garage), and framed in the outside wall where the garage door had been. He has the two windows installed, but has to cut down the front door and install it tomorrow. Pictures are posted in The Gallery under Basement Construction (the MIL Suite).

I’m pretty tired, so that’s all the thrilling prose you get tonight. I have to work tomorrow morning, so am going off to slumber soon. I’ve had a headache since, well, forever today, and I’d appreciate it if you praying folk would breathe a little prayer to God about this noggin of mine. I have to put on my creative thinking cap tomorrow and work on some brochures, rumor has it, and I’d like to feel downright perky tomorrow!

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