Conspiracy at Giant Eagle

Conspiracy at Giant Eagle
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I have to hand it to Giant Eagle, they are shrewd with their product placement. They have the cat litter, treats and food on the left side of the aisle. Right across from all the feline finery are cookies. How brilliant is that? They know us crazy cat ladies will grab a bag of kitty food only to turn around and be faced with a visual wall of all things sweet, chocolaty and delicious. I know it was their intention and the marketing geek in me applauds them even as I curse them for putting temptation in my path.

2 thoughts on “Conspiracy at Giant Eagle

  1. This is one way we are different. If my store had cat food on one side and cookies on the other, I would never be tempted to buy those cookies. The reason is, the smell of cat food is always in the air, so I would be thinking, “Ooh, yucky cat food next to people food!” …. but that is just me 🙂

  2. That’s funny! I’ve never really noticed a smell of cat food since most of them use plastic or lined bags now. About the only smells I notice at stores are in the bulk coffee section. Mmmmmmm!

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