Consider the sparrows

I’ve so enjoyed watching the sparrows the last few weeks since the plumes on our hardy pampas grass (Erianthus ravennae) began boasting ripe seeds. These birds are pumped about the goodies!

The grass plumes are covered with the happy little birds when they flock in for a meal. It’s been chilly, and they often fluff up their feathers, reminding me of photographer Michael L. Smith’s famous “mad bluebird” shot (one any professional photographer wannabee dreams of – THE money shot).

I noticed one little sparrow has a deformed beak, making him look more like a crossbill. It’s hard to tell whether he’ll make it through the winter with that deformity (or if he’s already weathered one or more winters already, for that matter).

3 thoughts on “Consider the sparrows

  1. Thanks. They’re not the best photos I’ve taken, but considering I was taking them through the office window they’re okay. I mainly wanted people to get an idea of how entertaining those little birds are. I love seeing them bob up and down on the grass plumes, especially when two or three land on one at once!

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