Coming to you live from the Midland Theater

We are at the Midland Theater, waiting for Garrison Keillor’s performance. Unfortunately, there were signs saying no photography is allowed; so, my SLR will stay stowed in its bag. Fortunately, I did at least get a couple quick shots with the phone. Soon the lights will dim and we’ll enjoy some top-notch storytelling.

It’s a beautiful theater, especially seen from this vantage point. It is really hot up here and the seats are narrow, pre-obese America’s finest, but that’s okay. It is wonderful we get to see Keillor perform!



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5 thoughts on “Coming to you live from the Midland Theater

  1. We listen to A Prairie Home Companion, but have never seen him in person before. I wish I could have gotten pictures tonight. He was resplendent in a suit and a long red tie…and red socks. And red tennis shoes. 🙂

  2. The majority of us don’t listen to the rule of not taking pictures. I take a small digital camera (my Nikon dslr is too conspicuous) and take furtive shots. I do make sure that my flash is off as well.

    Did he tell stories or sing sonnets?

  3. Yeah, the SLR’s shutter would have been too disruptive, and the cameraphone just isn’t up to taking good shots in low light, especially from the second row from the back in the balcony. LOL If I’d brought the Sony DSC-W150, I would have taken a few shots, though.

    He did both stories and sonnets. I wish I had a better memory so I could quote some of them. It was an enjoyable evening, lots of laughter from everyone. One rhyming joke he told concerned a blind man whose dog peed on his foot. He gave the dog a treat and the man’s wife scolded him for rewarding the dog for bad behavior. The man replied that he had to know where the dog’s mouth was so he could kick it in the butt. 😉

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