Combination Products

This site must be where Harriett Carter and her ilk get some of their product ideas. You can randomly generate product ideas there, odd ideas such as these:

Design #1462391020
It’s a burger carton that spins about its axis!
It makes virtually no noise whatsoever and can emulate a ZX Spectrum.

Design #344517412
It’s an MP3 player that’s made of solid gold, removes stubborn stains and is monogrammed (up to three letters).

It brought to mind an excerpt from Paul Reiser’s book Couplehood. So intent was I to share this tidbit, I searched for a good five minutes and found the book so I could type this for you all:

At some point, my wife and I got ourselves on every mailing list in the free world. All you have to do is buy one distinctly dumb product you don’t need, and everyone wtih a catalogue hears about it. “Hi! We understand you don’t care what you spend money on anymore. We have just the catalogue for you.” I like the Combination Products. Things that you probably already have, but not in this particular combination.

“It’s a sweater vest and a bottle opener.”
“It’s a hot beverage thermos and a snorkeling mask!”

And of course, if you look at the pictures long enough, you start thinking, “Well, you know, we could use that. With a thermos/snorkel mask we wouldn’t have to come up for coffee anymore. We could snorkel all day and never come up!”

Then they combine things that not only shouldn’t be together, there’s no way they could be. “It’s a cassette rack and a doberman pinscher!” How could that be?

“It’s a rain bonnet, but it’s also your parents.”

How could that be?! I just saw my parents. They weren’t a rain bonnet.

If you’re a fan like me, you heard Paul Reiser’s voice as you read that. This book makes me giggle. As a matter of fact, when I left it in the bathroom one time, one of our favorite houseguests was heard giggling behind the bathroom door. I know it isn’t just me.

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