Combination Products II

A case in point in regard to the previous blog entry. Picture this: You’re lying in the dark, reading in bed. The house is quiet and your spouse is snoring softly (or not so softly) next to you. You inhale, and your nose wrinkles. Suddenly, you realize, “Oh, my gosh…We have got to buy cat litter!” You look over at the nightstand, then remember you have no writing implement within easy reach, nor any paper! You would have to actually get out of bed to go jot down this important news bulletin.

What to do?

Oh, wait…That’s right! You are the happy owner of a Book Light and A Recorder! No problem! You push the red button and, ever considerate, whisper “get caaaat liiiiiiter”.

Recording Book Light goes wherever you need to read! On trains, planes, at the library, in school or in bed, lightweight, clip-on lamp gives you the extra light you want, and has a built-in 10 second recorder for voice memos. Unit adjusts to any angle, and folds to compact 5-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ size. Uses 2 AAA batteries (not incl.) and 1 included button cell battery.

Was $14.98 Now$8.50
C2204 – Recording Book Light

Now, you see the brilliance in this?

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