Color me happy

Three cheers for mom! She came to my rescue and secured the painting for me today. The moment I carefully propped it up against the wall and switched on the kitchen light, the Heavens opened up and a resonant voice said, “this is my beloved painting, in which I am well pleased.”

No, wait…That was my voice.

The flowers depicted are actually true-to-life, believe it or not. They’re windflowers (Anemone coronaria, maybe?). John William Waterhouse, one of my favorite artists, favored them in his painting “Windflowers” (See the blooms gathered in her apron?).

Oh…And the best part? The painting only ended up costing $1.99 — can you believe it?!

GW does the happy dance… {{oof!}} Maybe I’d better sit back down. Heh.

I had a nice evening with mom, taking her to Caribou for coffee and then heading out to do a little night photography after I dropped her off. I got a couple pictures of tonight’s lunar eclipse, but not until nearly ten o’clock. As I pulled out of our church’s driveway, I noticed a streetlight-lit tree that looked kind of cool. Experimenting with extended exposures is fun, and I had to try a seasonal spooky self-portrait. After that, I headed downtown and stopped to take some shots of Vaughn’s Barber Shop, something I’ve been meaning to do for a couple of years now. One door down from that, a dance studio sign caught my eye.

Speaking of eyes, mine feel like the insides of my eyelids are made of coarse-grade sandpaper. I’m heading to bed.

5 thoughts on “Color me happy

  1. Everything about this picture was complete and total “eye candy”. The painting is beautiful and I love your photos, give us more, please.

  2. What a bargain! The painting is perfect for your red kitchen. Your artistic eye was right on the money with this one. But it is funny, without the red background that painting would not seem half as attractive.

  3. You’re right about that, Zanymuse! I have it up on top of the file cabinet in my office until the kitchen walls are ready to receive tenants, and it doesn’t have half the personality in here.

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