Collections department store

We got the Collections, Etc. catalog today and I saw two pretties that would look SO good in our new kitchen. Howie likes them, too – even better.

Check out the bird plates and bird swag. I’m drooling as I picture them on our red walls! I think this bird weather vane is darling, but it wouldn’t go in the kitchen (unless I could maybe on top of the fridge, using some sort of weighted stand?). And this bird wreath is really cool, too. Yes, we love birds.

I am so spackled, sanded and wall-washed out. So are my sinuses. I am gritty, grimy, and grey. I need a shower and a good sleep. Even so, I can’t help but be really excited about the kitchen plans coming together.

2 thoughts on “Collections department store

  1. I’m excited with and for you guys. I totally understand about the dry wall dust, we’re getting our church kitchen renovated and there’s a constant film of white powder everywhere.

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