Cold Viruses by E-Mail

Well, I have a cold. I swear, I got this virus from my aunt, who e-mailed me and said she and her hubby have just reached the turning point in their colds and are starting to feel better. This insiduous cold virus of hers made its way through cyberspace and landed right on my fingertips. Thanks, Bonnie. *sigh* Right now, I could sing a low baritone rather than alto. I could give Phoebe Buffay a good run for her money with the sexy cold-voice thing. I have a voice which would scare small children, so keep them away. Keep them away, anyway; I don’t want their germs right now, since I have quite enough of my own, thankyouveddymuch.

Now that you’re sufficiently grossed out, let me post a pretty little picture to make up for it. This is Emma, mooning over her beloved Nylabone:

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