Coffee week at Dave’s Garden

WARNING: Do not read this post after 2:00pm or you may not sleep well tonight!

Recently, the writers at Dave’s Garden percolated and came up with these coffee-related articles . Enjoy!

September 22:
The Truth about Chicory
by Sharon Brown

We first tried coffee with chicory in 2001, when we met our friend Lisa. She loves Community Coffee with Chicory. We’ve never become fans of the taste, but many people love that unique flavor. It also has less caffeine since it’s cut with chicory.

September 23:
Save your money: Delicious cups of wonder from the world of COFFEE
by April Campbell

I don’t want to pay out the nose for coffee treats, either, and this article gave me some ideas that will be especially nice come holiday time when we entertain. Most are too fattening to enjoy regularly here.

September 24:
Coffee tasting on the Big Island of Hawaii
by Jill M. Nicolaus

I tried Kona Coffee for the first time last year, when a customer brought some in for us to grind for him at the store. He’d been to Hawaii and visited the plantation and brought some home. He gave us enough to make a batch French pressed. It was sweet, smooth and delicious! I can see why people rave about it, but I can’t see us spending that much on coffee beans.

September 25:
Happy, Hunting Grounds
by Jeremy Wayne Lucas

I wish Caribou Coffee would offer a grounds recycling program like Charbucks Starbucks does. Several times this summer, I brought grounds home when I worked, but there is nothing in place for customers. I am not a Starbucks fan as far as their coffee goes, but they’re doing a good thing in their “Grounds for your garden” service.

September 26:
Cowboy coffee: Keeping it real
by Summer Walla

I do not like percolated coffee, but when you’re camping even the nastiest coffee tastes pretty good first thing in the morning.

September 27:
Bird Lovers, Wake Up and Smell the Shade Coffee!
by Marna Towne

Many people have never seen what coffee looks like before its beans are dried and roasted. This article is a nice overview of how coffee is grown.

September 28:
Diana’s Anise Biscotti
by Diana Wind

I so love crunchy biscotti! We even have bronze fennel growing in our birdfeeder bed, but have I harvested it for use in cooking? I need to! Diana’s directions are so clear, I think I could manage this recipe.

So, there you go. There’s plenty of good coffee reading for you, so grab a cuppa Joe and settle in for some armchair traveling (and drooling).

3 thoughts on “Coffee week at Dave’s Garden

  1. Well, it is well before 2, so I am completely safe reading these articles. I especially enjoyed the one about the biscotti! I absolutely love biscotti and am tempted to try it out with my next cup of Hawaii coffee! Thanks for the articles!

  2. That reminds me that I’ve never tried making it! My favorite coffee is a dark-roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. I *love* that. What’s your favorite dark roast?

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