Coffee and a Dark Tower, please

Caribou Coffee is one of our favorite hangouts. Their employees are always friendly and upbeat, and the place has a warm atmosphere with comfy leather chairs and mission-style lighting. We just love it. The other day, I looked up on the board to see the following trivia question: Who is the main character in Stephen King’s latest book, “the Dark Tower”?

“Oh! Oh! I know that! Roland! Roland Deschain!”

Yeah, I was a little excited at knowing the answer. Heh. I’m reading The Dark Tower right now, trying to read just a little more leisurely than usual and savor this last book in the series. I hate it when a really good series comes to an end.

I just wish I could justify buying it in ebook format, because this book is HUGE and heavy to hold. Yeah, I know…Wah. I just love ebooks because I can read them in bed with the lights out, and they’re as small as my PDA when it comes to carrying them around with me.

One thought on “Coffee and a Dark Tower, please

  1. Kevin is dying to get this last book. We are waiting until next pay period to see if we have more $$$$. I have a VC Andrews book out too!

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