Clueless at the Movies

My DH and I went to see a movie with our friend Jeff tonight. Our intention was to see Bourne Identity. We bought tickets for that, walked in the cineplex, and managed to wander cluelessly into the wrong theater! What we saw was Minority Report, which was excellent. I saw a preview of this movie months ago in a market research survey I took for Greenfield Online and thought it looked really interesting, and it proved to be so. The basic premise is three people, known as precogs (as in precognitives), see murders which are going to occur in the future. Technology allows the police to view the thoughts of the precogs in audiovisual form, where they search the images for clues as to where the murder is going to take place. They then dispatch cops to prevent the murder, and the would-be killer is arrested for intending to murder. They precogs are never wrong. Right?

I won’t give anything away. There were a couple of inconsistencies, but they were far outweighed by a good, complicated plot and great acting. There’s also a scene which I really loved, being an avid gardener. Remember Little Shop of Horrors? Well, that ol’ boy has nothing on this one lady’s work. Anyway, no spoilers here. Just suffice it to say we walked out of that theater so psyched and talking about it!

Walking into the wrong theater was one of the best mistakes we’ve ever made. 🙂

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