City Chicken, Plucked

My friend CoCo from Dave’s Garden piped up with a little bit about the history of City Chicken yesterday. It seems it’s sort of a shish-kabob, originating at a time when chicken was more expensive than pork and veal. Since poultry was so pricey, folks would cube and skewer these alternative (the-other-white)meats, bread them, brown them, then bake them with a liquid so a savory gravy resulted as well.

The recipes sound pretty tasty! I found a few while searching for more about this weird-sounding dish:

A site called has one that sounds promising, along with some guesses as to its history. has another one in their Souther U.S. Cuisine section, this time with that wonderful all-purpose staple, Cream Of Mushroom Soup.

Barring my making Dennis’ (aka da brudder’s) Meat Thingies sometime, this sounds pretty darned good.

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