Citrus Fitrus!

Today we saw the new commercial for Tropicana’s new Light’n Healthy orange juice. It’s the latest in the low-carb fad, a low-sugar carb, low-calorie version of orange juice. What have they done, just water it down and add flavoring?

Anyway, you can view the commercial at their website in your choice of Quicktime or Windows Media formats. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it and then read on.

I thought it was kind of cute, all the exercising oranges. Oranges doing step aerobics, oranges on treadmills, oranges jogging…It’s silly, but hey. I remembered later that it was Tropicana they were advertising, and for an ad campaign, that’s solid knowledge. Kudos to Element 79, by the way.

Back to the reason I started this entry. The thing that made me laugh aloud was the shot of oranges happily diving into a pool of orange juice. When I saw that, I exclaimed, “They’re diving into orange juice!”

Well, c’mon. Think about it. That’s a little cannibalistic (well, uh, in a vegeterian sense). An orange jumping into a pool of orange juice is analogous to a person jumping into a pool of blood. Boy, throw that analogy on the SAT’s.

Well, at least you can say there’s such a thing as blood oranges, right? Gee, I wonder if the orange juice in the pool was extra-pulp.

Yes, this really is how my mind works, and it’s scary. I’m almost never bored, though.

One thought on “Citrus Fitrus!

  1. ….didn’t let me see the commercial but I’m glad, well maybe I’m assuming your wrist is well enough to type in your post. Hope it was somewhat pain free.

    Now what will all those diabetics do without the sugar in their orange juice.

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