Christmas dénouement

We had a good Christmas. Christmas Eve, my parents and two of Howie’s brothers came over to my mother-in-law’s (downstairs at our house). We had the usual ham, baked beans, macaroni salad, and desserts. My mom and I visited with Nancy while the guys played euchre.

Christmas day, Howie’s other brother and his wife came to visit in the early afternoon. We had leftovers, all the aforementioned stuff, only cold. Then we went to my folks’ house for Christmas dinner. More ham. I am hammed out. It’s safe to say we’re now retaining enough water, we could probably just roll from room to room. We were at my mom’s from 3-9:30pm and had a really nice visit.

Presents? Yes, there were presents. We got dad a gift certificate for a local buffet. There’s a group of senior citizens who play euchre there a couple Wednesdays a month and he really enjoys that. There’s a 98-year old lady there who told him his beret was sexy. 😉

We gave my mom some organizers for her scrapbook stuff, a cute little ceramic cup sculpted to look like an owl, a Fiskars fingertip craft knife, a Fiskars mini easy stamp press, some acrylic stamps, and various paper. I also gave her a dragonfly pin adorned with various rhinestones. Bling, don’t ya know.

She and dad gave Howie a micro-SDHC card for his phone and some Christmas ornaments. Mom gave me an ornament, some scrapbooking stuff, and a rubber stamp of an Itialian greyhound or greyhound which strongly resembles our Emma.

Howie’s present to me was one he touted was really for both of us. I could tell from its heft and shape that it was a book. I unwrapped it and saw it was Garrison Keillor’s WLT, A Radio Romance.

“Oooh, ummm, I think I have this one already”, I said.

“Yeah, considering I got it off our bookshelf”, he replied.

Just then I noticed something sticking out from the pages. Tickets! He bought a pair of tickets to the January 20th appearance of Garrison Keillor at the Midland Theater! I was so surprised – he really got me. I’d forgotten all about Keillor coming to our town. This isn’t a Prairie Home Companion broadcast, just a solo performance. I can’t wait!

I got Howie the season 7 DVD set of The Waltons and a neat little palm-sized mini remote control helicopter. He can’t wait to tease the cats with the helicopter.

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  1. You had me looking up several things in this post because I had no idea what or who they were: Garrison Keillor and euchre. I had never heard of either.

    That was slick thinking on Howie’s part to wrap the tickets in a book YOU HAD ON THE SHELF! I love it!!

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