Child stars and a fast indian

Since our cable switched from Adelphia to Time Warner, we have Movies on Demand. There’s a category of free movies, and today I watched Private Screenings: Child Stars, originally shown on TCM.

It was fascinating to hear these actors talk about their years as child actors. They shared a lot of anecdotes and played off each other as they sat with host Robert Osborne. Most interesting to me was Darryl Hickman’s description of the caste system in Hollywood. As he put it, they might as well have been in Delhi, India. I guess the grass isn’t always greener after all.

Friday night, Howie and I watched The World’s Fastest Indian. Wow, what a great film that is! If you want to be encouraged not just to dream, but follow your dreams, see this movie. It chronicles motorcycle enthusiast Bert Munro’s 25-year pursuit of speed. The affable New Zealander is portrayed with humor and warmth by Hopkins. Hannibal Lechter he’s not.

The movie did not get the same publicity as other Anthony Hopkins movies, so slipped under the radar. Posts on the movie’s message board at IMDb indicate the movie sticks pretty true to Munro’s story. Munro’s son John (hjm-6 at IMDb) has posted on the board, too, and it’s interesting to read his posts. Movies like this, based on real people, are especially interesting to me. I love to watch such a film, then look up the individual or story. It’s a way to personalize subjects I might never have otherwise learned about.

For more reading about the making of TWFI, see this article by Mike “Kiwi” Thomas. I just knew Hopkins had fun making that movie!

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  1. I love hearing about new movies I need to see. And you’re right, that movie must have slipped under the radar. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it!

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