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I kept meaning to update my blog, but we’ve been so busy the last couple weeks with contractor and product decisions, preparation for a trip to Kentucky, and other stuff. Here’s life in a nutshell:

KYRU 2004

We just got back from the 2004 Kentucky Roundup at Prizer Point, KY. It’s an annual event we have with fellow subscribers at Dave’s Garden. This year we drove through the night and arrived at about 8:30am Thursday. What a great time visiting with friends! We camped in our tent, happy to report all the parts were there when we set it up for its maiden voyage. There was just a sprinkling of rain late Friday night, so we never got to put the new nylon and added seam sealer to the test. That tent was an impulse buy last year and we didn’t do our homework; from what I’ve read, it’s not very waterproof, and that makes me doubly glad it didn’t rain.

I believe there was something like 65 people participating this year. There were several dogs in addition to Emma and Sarah, and we got a dog group shot Saturday morning along with the standard people group shot.

Quivering Canine Update

Emma’s been doing well, with no more seizures since one on Monday, September 13. The vet gave us a single-dose syringe of Valium in case she ever has a bad one and we can’t get it to stop. We’re hoping she’ll not need it, but it’s good to know we have it on hand. If the frequency or severity of her seizures increases, we’ll start her on maintenance medication like Phenobarbital.

Operation Roof Replacement

Operation Roof Replacement commences tomorrow around 07:00 with the crew of Able Roofing. It’ll just take one day, and Operation Gutter Replacement should occur Wednesday. We may retreat to Nancy’s basement suite after she leaves for the morning, catching some additional shuteye in the more-far-removed room there.


Window-wise, we’re pretty sure we’ll go with Rosati Windows. They have an A rating with Angie’s List and what most impressed us was the AL testimonials of folks who had Rosati salesmen look at their current windows and tell them they really didn’t need to replace them. They’re very well-made windows, too, with realistic woodgrain laminate interiors, white vinyl exteriors.

Everything but the kitchen sink

I’ve gotten a couple of calls about the Geneva cabinets we’re selling. I ended up putting an ad in the paper for 2 weeks. Depending on the response, I may end up listing them on eBay after all.

It looks like the kitchen renovation is going to be toward the end of October; it depends on when our friend John will be free to do them. We’re going with Mill’s Pride ready-to-assemble cabinets from Home Depot. The only things left to decide on are the dishwasher and the over-the-range microwave. I’d love to get this stainless steel kitchen sink/drainer from Ikea, but that’s probably not in the budget.

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  1. It’s so fun planning big projects like this! I hope you take before and after pictures of everything 😉

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