Caution: I am hot

Actually, I’m sick and I think it’s a fever. Anyway, I thought this little warning on the McDonald’s coffee cup was rather funny (it’d be a great t-shirt, wouldn’t it?):

Remember all the hooplah in the 1994 lawsuit brought on by the 81-year-old woman who put her cup of hot McDonald’s coffee between her legs and burned herself? We can thank her and others like her for all the warning labels on every product we touch. But it gets better. Now people are suing Micky D’s because they’re fat. Nobody held a gun to these peoples’ heads and forced them to consume meal after meal of greasy fast food, you know? Who in their right mind thinks eating fast food every day is healthy? But I digress. This fella has a good balanced view, I think. So does this one.

5 thoughts on “Caution: I am hot

  1. hope you feel BETTER!
    now is that Hot like Sexy or Hot like ANGRY because i think i need one of those shirts.

    Now i am going to go scarf two biggie fries and file a lawsuit.

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