Catching Up…

As usual, I didn’t blog over the weekend. Howie’s off Saturday-Monday, so we tend to do our running around when the weather’s nice on weekends. And it’s been REALLY nice. While Howie and my dad watched the OSU game at mom & dad’s on Saturday, mom and I did some picture-taking in the country, went shopping, and had dinner (and dessert!) at Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl in Zanesville. I got some good pictures, some great bargains, and a fully tummy – oh, what wonderful ice cream.

Sunday was terrific. We went to church and then enjoyed lunch with friends at Ruby Tuesday’s. It was so good to be around people and to laugh. Howie and I stopped by the house and loaded the doggies up in the car for a ride. We we headed out to our church’s property to let the dogs stretch their legs and play. We thought that Emma and Buddy would not run too far away from us since we would be in the huge field away from the road…But they did. They just took off together, mutt and Jeff, and ran straight back down the gravel driveway and toward the road. We got back in the car and headed out after them, and by the time we got back down near the church, they’d stopped running and got in the car. Leashes, always, from now on!

As usual, Sarah found something suitably repugnant in which to roll, so we drove home amist some truly nasty smells. We also learned that having all three dogs in the car does not distract Buddy suffiiently to stop him from getting carsick. So, while Howie gave Sarah a bath, I cleaned the carpet and upholstery in back. Oh, fun.

At the back of the church property there’s a tall hill, and at the top of this hill a wooden cross overlooks the valley. For the first time, we braved that steep hill and climbed to the top; we had to stop several times during our ascent, but it was so worth it. A talented stoneworker donated his time and created a tiered patio area there at the base of the cross; I don’t think there’s a prettier spot to sit and survey the area. 🙂

Last night we got together with Jeff (not of mutt and Jeff, LOL) and watched Panic Room. It was a pretty intense movie, but somewhat predicable, I thought. I can’t remember a movie that has the F-word in it more, either, so be forewarned. I don’t want to give anything away here. It’s worth watching, but there’s a few holes I couldn’t reconcile.

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