Cat Tactics

Our Higgins is a “busy” cat. It’s not unusual for us to hear objects crash to the floor at various times throughout the day and night, but nothing’s actually broken (not that I recall, anyway).

At least he’s not like Sunny, the cat we housesat for once. We stayed at our insurance agent’s house for a week while she was away, watching her two dogs and two cats.

She warned us that we’d better let Sunny out at night, because he’d wake us very early if we didn’t. We passed that off, and didn’t put him out for the night. Well, bright and early, Sunny started in. His most effective tactic was to get up on Chris’ dresser and push objects onto the floor, one by one. Perfume bottles, combs, jewelry…They all were fair game.

Of course, by the time one of us was mad enough to leap out of bed to shoo him, he’d dashed into the hallway and stood looking back as if he was saying, “c’mon, it’s time for my breakfast, people!”.

We shut the door. That was even worse, for Sunny hurled himself into it repeatedly. He was relentless.

Whump! Whump! Whump! Mrrrrrow! Whump!

Finally, getting just what he wanted, he was fed. And, finally, we took Chris’ advice seriously!

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2 thoughts on “Cat Tactics

  1. Our cat, Church, likes to knock over lamps and walk over us if we sleep in too late. He’s such a turd 🙂

  2. Well, I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time but in the retelling you have to admit it’s quite hilarious…..have a great new year’s eve welcoming in 2004…hugs

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