Caribou requiem

I was sorry to learn today that the Caribou Coffee shop at Worthington Square Mall closed yesterday. They’d been there twelve years.

They’re not the only store that’s closed up shop there recently and I’m sure won’t be the last. So many malls are struggling to get and keep good tenants and to bring in customers. The tastes of shoppers has changed. With the exception of the beautiful Easton Town Center, we avoid malls. Easton is an upscale, outdoor town square sort of layout with restaurants and stores. It feels more like you’re walking around a neat little town full of interesting shops. There is an enclosed mall with a movie theater, but we tend to focus on the storefronts along its streets. I wonder if the inside shops there fare as well as the ones at street-side.

I feel so badly for both the Worthington Caribou employees and regulars there. Howie and I love our local Caribou, and know how bereft we’d feel if our store closed. It was that friendly atmosphere that made me want to work for Caribou in the first place. Even with me working for the company, we are there a few nights a week. I saw how many employees went to the shop to relax during their off hours and knew it had to be a good place to work.

Coffee shops like Caribou are, to us, like Cheers without the booze – good places to make friends and great places to meet those friends and visit. Sorry to see you guys close, Worthington Bou folk! 🙁

4 thoughts on “Caribou requiem

  1. 🙂 Kind of like the local Arabica (a very local Cleveland OH USA Coffee shop right near Daffy Dan’s) used to be before they discovered they couldn’t make a living selling coffee. There is still one around that does the talk over a hot brew routine but most of them have added a wine bar or an outlet for the local micro-brew. Maybe that’s ok I guess – but I miss the old freaks playing chess and talking too fast 🙂 I can still get that a a couple of the local Caribous. Starbucks however is putting in a drive through right out front of the neighborhood Arabica. Anybody want to join me on the picket line 😉

  2. I think there’s room for the Starbuck’s of the world…I don’t like them, especially, but they have built an empire. Service-oriented shops are going to be their downfall, anyway. There’s one right by us, and we have many customers who say they’ve never felt like they could just hang out and relax there. We encourage people to do that because a busy-looking store draws more people in the doors. Folks see their friends there, see people having fun, and they want in on it. Howie and I used to feel guilty for staying a long time and not buying a whole lot, but my boss explained the above to me and it eased our consciences. I know we’ll stop by if we see our friends’ cars, but will often keep driving if we can see the store is empty.

  3. This is a sweet post. It’s great to hear that you are so happy with your job! Yea to you for finding something you enjoy 🙂

  4. that’s sad as Caribou is my favorite coffee shop even though I go to starbucks a lot (simply because it’s close).

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