It’s been a while, and this is a long entry. Grab yourself a can/bottle/mug of your favorite beverage and settle in. Saturday night, Howie and I had a date night.

With his evening work schedule, our movie-going has to wait for the weekends. Unfortunately, so does most of our socializing with friends, so when we happen to hook up with a friend, I would much rather visit and talk than go to a movie.

Howie said, “we ARE going to a movie tonight” with an unmistakable note of finality. Okay, he was right: we’d had gift certificates for the movie theater burning holes in our pockets for over three weeks.

So, Saturday found me spelunking in my closet for something to wear with my sassy new boot cut jeans. Thing is, the jeans are medium rise, and I still have a bit too much tummy left to pair my more form-fitting shirts with them. I tried on several of my dressier shirts, bought just last August at Sears, and they are too big now! I’ve not worn them all that much, so it was a little disappointing to realize they were already too big. But I am sure not going to go back up to 257 pounds just so I can wear old clothes!

Finally, I decided on an outfit and we headed out for dinner at Chipotle. There was ample time before the movie, so we headed down the road to our favorite hang-out, Caribou Coffee.

This is where things got a little dicey. Howie took care of paying for our mugs of steaming brew while I secured two comfy seats. Any coffee shop afficianado knows how important it is to nab the Comfy Seats when they’re open. Just so happened one leather club chair was open next to a mission-style loveseat. Aha! I swooped in and settled into the chair.

Settle might be an exaggeration. No sooner did I feel my butt make contact with the cushion, I felt a searing pain on my right arm. Howie later told me my arm swung back as I sat down, bumping his arm…And my cup of coffee was in his hand. Yowzah!

Just a little bit spilled on me, but the aforementioned nice top is made of a synthetic material which is a bad thing to be wearing when a hot liquid is poured onto your person. I leaped up from the seat, shouting something akin to “Oh, jeez! Ouch! Ouch!”

Those who know me will be shocked to learn that it really was something as innocuous as that. I actually did not swear! Good thing, too, because there was a family seated about eight feet from us and they had children with them. I’d hate to become an object lesson. 😉

My shirt sleeve trapped the heat very effectively, even with my quickly making my way to the bathroom and running cold water on my arm for a few minutes. I ended up with a second-degree burn on my forearm. There’s some swelling around the blistered area, but the biggest of the three blisters is only the size of a nickel. It could be a lot worse, and I am thankful it isn’t! And, no, suing Caribou Coffee is not on my agenda, even if their ceramic mugs aren’t plastered with precautionary statements like “Caution: I am Hot!”.

What’s neat is, one of the customers there that night is training to be an EMT. When he witnessed the hubbub, he got a clean towel, dampened it, and filled it with ice for me. I told him God had him there for a reason that night.

One of my favorite Caribou employees offered me a free coffee drink once she saw I was okay. “You probably don’t want a hot one, huh? How about a cooler?” she joked. I wasn’t going to turn that down, so I had some sort of wonderful chocolate coffee cooler with sprinkles of toasted coconut. OMG…To die for. That unexpected treat occupied my tastebuds while I sat with a cold, damp towel and icepack on my arm.

I called my doctor’s answering service to find out what to do. Soon a message was relayed back to me from the doc on call, telling me to apply ice as needed and to spray it with Bactine. God bless Bactine! That stuff made it possible for us to go to the movie after all. (Ah, yes, you forgot about the movie in all the drama, didn’t you? Well, Howie didn’t! We saw Fever Pitch and really enjoyed it.)

I didn’t take a picture of my burn until today, when I had the inspiration to write to a nurse friend of mine and see if she thought it looked okay for this point in time. Don’t click this unless you really want to see it.

Except for the times I inadvertantly brush up against a doorway or scratch it on clothing, it doesn’t hurt that much. I make sure to spritz a little Bactine before I go to bed and before I get in the shower. I tell ya, I’d never bought Bactine before Saturday. I remember being subjected to both it and mercurochrome as a child, though. My mom told me Sunday that I called it “BOCK-tine” when I was a little girl. The scent and sensation of this stuff sure do bring back memories, mostly of the ads for it (“no more sting!”) and how much of a lie that is. But it does numb the ouchie after it stings.

Other than all that, we’ve pretty much been taking advantage of good weather and working out in the yard. Saturday afternoon, just prior to our date night, Howie rebuilt a whole section of our sandstone wall while I sprayed weed killer and did some other yard work.

Sunday, my arm felt pretty good, so we worked out in the yard and I cut our azalea bushes, shown here in May 2002, way back down to the ground so I could clear out all the old wood on them; I know it’s not the best time to hard-prune them, but they had so much dead in them I just decided to do it. The previous homeowner pruned those poor bushes into little 18-24″ balls for decades, and when I let them grow out, they really showed the damage. For a few years, they bloomed thickly and were just gorgeous, but this winter was harsh with its ice storm, and they were in bad shape.

I also primed and painted our light post and installed the new post lamp. Howie installed the matching wall lamp on the porch, cleaned out our ornamental pond, and cut back the ornamental grasses. Then, he and our friend Mark took down the rest of our poor, sickly crabapple tree out back, plus cut the limbs in our brush pile into pieces we can easily burn in the outdoor fireplace. Mark’s a great friend, helping us with many things we wouldn’t be able to do by ourselves.

And that’s the way it was, April 9-10, 2005.

4 thoughts on “Caribou-boo

  1. LOLOLOL! about the swearing–i would have sworn!
    it actually DOES look really good–healing nicely.
    I’m glad you got to enjoy your night out despite everything!!!!!!

  2. I am so sorry you were burned! I actually had no idea that coffee could do damage that bad! If I were you, I would apply some polysporin every day. It is made for cuts, scrapes, and burns and helps them to heal faster. Plus, it is very soothing.

  3. I absolutely love the outfit you chose. That color really complements your skintones. Ouch is right on that burn. I’m glad the evening turned out well. Sad to say but I’m sure a few expletives probably would’ve spewed forth from me had that happened. It sounds like you took it all in stride though. Jeff and I really need to try and institute a date night again. The only problem is I have Sat. and Sun. off and he works all different days and rarely has the same day off each week.

  4. I was pretty surprised several “new word combinations” didn’t spew from my mouth, actually! 😉 Thanks for the compliment – I really like that shirt and am already preparing myself for the inevitable mourning of its loss from my closet! If I was made of money, I’d buy two or three descending sizes of favorite shirts!

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