Captain, we need more power!

We had two nice surprises in the span of just minutes Thursday afternoon…

First, the power came back on around 3:00pm, then Howie arrived home from work a few minutes after that. My folks were still without power when I spoke to them around 8:00pm or so, but they stubbornly refused to come and spend the night here, warm and comfortable. It is kind of hurtful, but I guess they had their reasons. They sure missed out on a nice evening of Christmas movies and flavored coffee.

The cable’s still out, so I am still using dial-up in the meantime. We get Earthlink for my folks and use it when traveling (rarely) or when cable’s out (not quite as rarely, but still not very often). It sure was nice having an ISP to fall back on today.

We need to find a cheaper alternative, though — Earthlink was free for 6 months with a Dell computer we bought way back when, but we’ve been paying $21.95/month ever since the freebie ran out. It’s silly to be paying this much when there are alternatives out there. We’re somewhat limited because we don’t want an ISP which forces you to install their own software before you can use it. Earthlink I can just create a simple dial-up connection and we’re good to go.

Another thing I need to do is get to sleep. After consuming a carb-laden late dinner of rice mixed with tinned beef, cream of mushroom soup, and chopped broccoli, I am ready to sleep!