Can’t sleep…Clowns will eat me

I’m just not a clown person. Actually, I really dislike clowns. I’m not a coulrophobic, not yet, anyway. There’s just something really creepy about that clown makeup, the big shoes, and the maniacal laugh

Not sure why, though, because I really liked WGN’s Bozo’s Circus when I was a little kid. Ray Rayner, too! But somewhere along the line, their true, darker nature surfaced. Could have something to do with Pennywise. But I digress. The point is, I saw them for what they really are. Michael Jackson did, too, stopping just short of having that permanent clown makeup tattooed onto his face.

So now, flash forward to today. As if clowns weren’t scary enough, today I learned of Buffo. He has biceps of steel…And a big red nose.

Coulrophobics unite!
It’s our only hope against this strongman!

He is Buffo, the World’s Strongest Clown.

I mean, c’mon, this guy could be a bouncer at a bar. Can you imagine? A drunk would have quite the head trip the next morning. There he’d lie in his sweat-soaked clothes, clutching his pounding head. Cotton-mouthed and fuzzy-headed, he’d try to discern whether it was all just a weird dream, that huge clown picking him up and tossing him out at the curb.

But then he’d see the balloon animal lying next to him and notice the plastic squirting daisy crushed in his hand…And he’d know it was all true. Every bit true!

Guess the kids at the birthday party he entertains really toe the line! I mean, would YOU want to make him mad? Nothing personal, Buffo…You’ve sure found your niche and I wish you the best! Just don’t eat me.

6 thoughts on “Can’t sleep…Clowns will eat me

  1. So have you been following Heart of the City lately. That’s someone with a real clown phobia too 🙂 I’m to busy clowning around to worry about them but ….. 😉 Thank GOD for Cub Scout Flashlights 🙂

  2. ooo Pennywise!
    that book ruined a LOT of things for me for a long time! Showers, creeeks, sleep etc, etc LOL!
    And that guy, Boffo, is FREAKY!

  3. *shudder* Hubby’s friend is afraid of clowns but likes the Insane Clown Posse. Have you ever seen those guys, very retarded looking. That boffo guy is pretty creepy, I have a hard time imagining him at a kid’s party. He looks like a wrestling reject of something. Oh well, it’s nice that he has found a way to make a living but still,.. very strange.

  4. OMG. Talk about scary. I personally don’t have a fear of clowns but I couldn’t imagine being a 10 year old at her birthday party and having HIM show up. My coworker is scared of clowns. Had to show it to her you know 🙂

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