Camping: Day 3, waiting for water

The water’s still off at the campground. Howie and I wish we’d showered yesterday afternoon, but we didn’t have any way of knowing the water would have to be shut off. I’ll be a lot more inclined to take a walk and meet the neighbors once I can wash my hair and get clean.

Our friend Francie called this morning to see if we knew how bad it was up there. She said they’re without power and probably won’t have it back on until the weekend. School’s been canceled for two days now. She wanted to know if we wanted her to go check on our house for us, which was so nice of her. Our friend Mark called Sunday as he walked around our place checking for damage. It’s so good to have friends. 🙂 From the sound of it, everything’s okay at home. Amazingly, the gazebo’s canopy did not shred — we still can’t believe it. The wind must have been blocked by our neighbor’s mock orange bushes and our house. Thank God the huge sycamore and fir trees didn’t fall.

Our side of the street did not lose power when the storm came through Sunday, but it did go off yesterday afternoon around 4:00pm. Maybe the power company turned it off to work on neighboring areas. My poor mother-in-law Nancy spent the whole weekend “prepping” for a colonoscopy, only to receive a cancelation call Monday morning as she was on her way to have it done. Their power was out! They canceled on her once before, but called on a Saturday morning before she’d started the down-and-dirty part of the cleanse. I know they couldn’t help their power being out, but what awful timing…Spend the whole weekend camped out in the bathroom, and for nothing.

Howie called his mom again this morning to check on her and she said our power finally went off around 4:00pm yesterday and is still out. My only immediate concern is our crayfish. They require circulating water to survive, and when the power goes out, so does the mechanical filtration and circulation. The last time we lost power, I fished her out of there using a metal strainer and put her in a Tupperware pitcher with a little water. They are fine out of water as long as they have about a 1/2″ in the container so they can keep their gills wet, but still raise up above the surface to breathe.

Someone on Crayfish Mates forum said he puts some of that craft plastic in the tank, which allows the crays to climb to the surface and breathe. We don’t have any of that at home, so I told Nancy to drape a towel in the water so it touches the bottom, but to close the tank’s lid so she can’t get out. When Howie talked to Nancy this morning, she said the crayfish was still alive, so she must be able to get to the air. It’s funny how we can get attached to critters, even crayfish. The fish in our pond are also a bit endangered since there are quite a few (they had babies) and the pump is not on. I hope all our aquatic friends survive the outage.

2 thoughts on “Camping: Day 3, waiting for water

  1. Oh, I do hope the fish survive too! That would be horrible.
    We lost our canopy … the day after we sat under it eating cake and pie!! The wind tore it to pieces and bent the legs. I’m glad we had it for you and Howie though!
    Yesterday, I cleaned up Weeping Willow branches for over an hour from the front yard, but we never lost power.

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