Camping: Day 2

7:42am Monday 9/15

The inverter was not, of course, sufficient for powering the coffee maker! LOL We thought mom and dad had some pots in here, but alas they do not. So, We can’t boil water for coffee. We were able to run the grinder, so the smell is torture. Howie didn’t want to try boiling it in a can and pouring it over the grounds in the maker’s basket. Oh, the tragedy! 😉 *Shrug*

He’s gone to the little market nearby to buy ice if they have power. He’ll also get a pot or a metal camping percolator, providing they stock such things. The Diet Pepsi has caffeine, but it’s just not the same as a steaming mug of coffee. Well, we forgot our mugs, too, so let’s revise that to “steaming coffee in a re-used McDonald’s cup”. 😉


Howie bought a saucepan and a few disposable aluminum pans. He also brought back two large coffees. Mmmmm, yeah! He will poke holes in the bottom of one of the smaller pans and use to roast veggies on the grill. We have green and red bell peppers, plus some sweet onions.

Gosh it feels good just to be lazy and not have a dirty house making me feel guilty. =) If I can get the laptop to connect via the phone’s data connection (so far sporadic), I might post some photos. Otherwise, I will post snippets like this from the phone. I wish I’d set up e-mail posts before We left. I might be able to set up moblog entries through Flickr. If not, oh well!

2 thoughts on “Camping: Day 2

  1. Oh, I know – they’re wonderful! We almost bought a French press thermal coffee mug, but didn’t. This method of drip-brew worked great, though, and the coffee wasn’t put-hair-on-your-chest strong, which was nice.

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