Camping: Day 2, now with power!

The power came back on around 1:00pm, right as we were getting ready to go to the Wal-Mart in Hopkinsville. Woot!

We couldn’t find some things at the little local stores, things like a spatula. Oh, and Sudafed. Not that joke they put on the market called Sudafed PE. That stuff is worthless for sinus pain and my sinuses were bad from the time I got up and nothing helped. So, we had to make a 36-mile drive for the federally-locked-down-stuff-of-meth-labs-near-you kind of sinus decongestant goodness. It was absolutely worth the $16+ in gas (!!) to get some. Darned if I was going to spend the week lying in bed with a pillow over my face!

We also got a 17×23″ dry erase board and some colorful markers. I was going to make a poster for our group shot, but when I saw the dry erase, I thought that would be really cool. This way, if I make a mistake, I can just erase it. We can also use it for playing games with everyone. And when we get home, it can go in the office.

Howie’s made a couple of talkie blogs and posted them – be sure to watch both at his site and mine for those. He’s better at getting them uploaded in a timely fashion.

Ohhh, and I forgot to mention that, though we have electric now, there were two major water line breaks and  the water’s out. It should be restored sometime in the morning, though. We brougt our own drinking water, so that’s no big deal. We’ll just have to wait to shower.

One thought on “Camping: Day 2, now with power!

  1. Regular Sudafed does nothing for me and my sinuses. In fact, most Sudafed does nothing. I have to go with the pseudoephedrine 12hour stuff and that’s the only thing that’ll do the trick.

    My sinuses are as persnickety as the rest of me.

    Glad power’s back and I’m hoping the rest of the trip is storm-free.

    How you holding up?

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