Camping: Day 1

12:16pm, Sunday 9/14

We are in Bardstown right now and the wind is buffeting our van like crazy. Power was out in the first section of town we went through. On the Bluegrass Parkway, Howie had a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel and we were constantly swaying in the strong gusts of wind.

It is supposed to blow through quickly and Prizer Point should be clear after 4 or 5pm. So far, there is no rain forecast the rest of the week.

We had a great time with our friends in Winchester yesterday and spent the night at the Hampton Inn there. It is beautiful and clean, plus the staff is very friendly. If you ever need to stop in that area, we recommend it!

Postmandug is here in Bardstown, right on our way, and we’re stopping by to pick up some firewood from him. That will save us a bundle (or two or three) this week.

We can’t wait to get camp set up and relax for the week. It will be great to see DG friends start trickling in mid-week.


5:02pm, Sunday 9/14

I am posting from the phone and have limited time or I will run the battery down. 😉

Well, we at Prizer Point Marinara have something in common with Louisianans, Texans and everyone else who was within Ike’s extended path: Huge trees down and power knocked out. The guy who we first saw here said power’s out for about a 12-mile area. Just before getting here, we saw two trees down on power lines twice in a 1-mile stretch. I am sure this was repeated in many areas and I am glad we were on the W-I-D-E Western KY Pkwy during the high winds and not out here on the point amidst all these trees and right on the water. The wind gets really strong here even if the remnants of a hurricane aren’t blowing through! They don’t call this Hurricane Creek for nothing. 😉 You who have been here during storms know what I mean.

Howie is putting up the camper and I am letting friends and Family know we’re here. I am glad we have a good signal on the phone! We have just enough gas to go get gas tomorrow – stations were without power.

It is cool now, at least, and the stormy gales have passed.

We won’t be on the laptops until power’s back…No gas, no recharging the battery in the van if the inverter drains it. 😉



7:33pm, Sunday 9/14

Hi again. Well, we called the Chevron Station on 293 and they were back hereopen again. So, we just got gas. It was still “only” $3.99/gallon. I believe the governor of Kentucky declared a state of emergency so stations can’t gouge consumers.

At least now we can use the inverter with relative impugnity. 😉

The sun broke thru the clouds about an hour ago and we enjoyed that classic golden lit trees against a backdrop of dark gray clouds. Nice sunset here, too. Beautiful. It’s gonna be dark-dark-dark at camp tonight. We love it. Nice folks next to us, from Springfield, IL: Tom and Linda.



9:28pm Sunday 9/14

Until we read at our local paper’s site, we had no idea how severe a storm system it still was.

Ike left a swath of damage in his wake, from the gulf coast clear up through Canada. There is heavy wind damage all throughout the states he blustered through, tens of thousands without power, roofs gone, trees down.

Up in our part of Ohio, the roof was blown off an 84 Lumber store in Pataskala and a church in Granville lost its copper-covered steeple. The International airport in Cincy had to cancel 40 flights and a Delta hanger lost part of its roof.

We are going to recharge the cellphones using the inverter. Nice being able to keep in touch. We’ll try to power the Bunn coffee pot in the morning. LOL Inverter is 300-watt and has override safety. Have to look up Bunn’s wattage.

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