Cameraphone exposure tweak

I want to thank Flickr member “we belong to earth” for his post regarding controlling the exposure of his camera phone pictures.

He holds his hand in front of the lens as he pushes the shutter — for just a few milliseconds mind you — and that makes the exposure brighter since the camera is metering off the light available right as the shutter’s pushed. In this case, shutter lag is a good thing!

I experimented with this today and was very pleased with the results! This image was dark and didn’t have much contrast originally. It felt kind of “flat”. I tried holding my hand in front of the lens, but the resultant shot was overexposed. I wanted to shade the lens, but not so darkly. Next, I tried holding a white envelope up in front of the camera as I pushed the shutter button; the shade from the white envelope was just enough for this exposure you see here.

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