Calling all roofing professionals and DIY folks

I’ve posted a photo gallery of the roof work we had done (and continue to wait to have done). We invite you to take a look at them and let us know your observations about the job’s quality (or lack of quality). Just e-mail from any of the contact links here at We’re interested to see what other people see in these photos.

4 thoughts on “Calling all roofing professionals and DIY folks

  1. I am no expert on roofing but that looks pretty sloppy! I hope you have someone who knows the business that can tell you more.

    On the up side, I do think the new roof color is more attractive with the rest of the house.

  2. I’m no expert either but I too did notice the sloppyness, well maybe I shouldn’t say slopy cuz I haven’t really seen their work but it does look like there’s alot of stuff just left laying around.

  3. I have avoided commenting on this just because I am not a professional and have never went through the reroofing process. I will say this though: it looks lumpy and hilly. Every roof I have ever seen looks flat. I hate it that you and Howie are going through this!

  4. We’ve gotten comments from professionals ranging from “they should tear down and re-do it completely” to “there’s nothing that bad about the job”.

    We called the Owens Corning rep and he said he would call the owner of the roofing company. We told him we were concerned with how long the job was taking, and whether the job was being done correctly. This company is a preferred contractor with OCF — thus many referrals from OCF — so how a company performs is important to them.

    Roofers were here this morning working on stuff again. They left without letting us know if they were done just for the day, or all done. Some things they’ve fixed, but the roof still has the upward sweep at the edges, which it should not.

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