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I’ve decided to open a Cafe Press storefront to offer some of my photographs and artwork for sale on T-Shirts, tote bags, and other merchandise.

If you’ve not heard of Cafe Press, it’s a site which allows people to offer all sorts of stuff featuring their artwork and logos. They handle the online orders, printing, shipping and customer service. Best yet, they charge no setup or maintainence fees for sellers. Each item sold has a base price, and the seller charges a mark-up on that base price.

How does it work? Each item they have available for customization has a base price. The seller marks up the price and receives the difference between the base price and the selling price. It’s simple. I like that.

Our church has a store set up there, and while looking at the logo products they’re selling, I got many ideas about what else might look neat on T-Shirts and such.

Who knows, I might even offer T-shirts! They will even duplicate data and/or music CD’s for sellers, printing labels directly on the CD’s and creating full-color cardboard cases or jewel case inserts.

I figure it’s a win-win situation and I am not out any money if no one buys. But if you want to own some t-shirts featuring unique canine and feline designs, you might want to check out the storefront in the coming week or so!

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2 thoughts on “Cafe Press

  1. Hey Girl you totally inspired me, I got myself a cafeshop store as well. Thanks for the suggestion and encouraging me in it. Now let the chq.’s roll in for both of us. LOL

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