By the way, we ordered

By the way, we ordered the new digital camera on eBay in the wee hours Friday morning. It’s the Olympus C-2100uz, and it is to replace the Olympus C-2040z we own now. The latter is being bought by some friends (wooo – no rolls of film to load, Amy! wink, wink). We hope to see the new one by Wednesday since the seller is sending it by UPS 3-Day service from NYC.

We’ll be trading off a faster f1.8 lens for a f2.8, and we won’t be gaining any megapixels since the new one is also a 2.11mp camera. However, we will be stepping up from a 3x optical zoom to a 10x optical zoom. That’s equivalent to a 38mm wide – 380mm telephoto on a 35mm camera, and a better telephoto lens than the best zoom we had for the Canon Rebel G and lenses we sold on eBay in anticipation of this purchase.

One really cool thing about the C-2100uz is the image stabilization the lens has, which will let me shoot without a tripod in lower light than I normally could. Also, it has a low-light assistance light which helps the camera focus in very low light conditions, something which the C-2040z really stinks at. It also does movie clips with sound, while our old camera only did the video.

I think it’s a fair trade-off, feature for feature, and I can’t wait to get it so I can play with it for a few days before I have my surgery August 7! We’re having some friends from Dave’s Garden spend the night Friday night and eat lunch with us Saturday before they head back to Tennessee, so it will be fun having the new camera to get more candid shots from discreet distances (wicked laugh!).

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