Burger vs. Booger

Okay…I’m taking a quick break from scrapbooking because I am laughing too hard to cut out any more of pastor’s precious family pictures

All I’ve done today is crop pictures in preparation for putting them on pages. The whole afternoon, I’ve been listening to various radio stations online and having a good old time playing with all this paper. The music’s helping keep me from stressing at all there is left to do!

Anyway, a little bit ago, I was listening to K-LOVE radio online heard this catchy song. I’m boppin’ along, when suddenly the words “tender as a booger in the microwave…” leap out at me.

What the Hey?

Thank God for the Internet and instant access to factoids. I headed on over to Google to look, but couldn’t find the phrase. This might have been due to my misspelling booger as “bugger”, big dummy. Not to be thwarted, I change my tactics and type “tender as a” and “in the microwave” into Google’s brain. Aha! A few references come up and I’m on my way.

Turns out, the band is The Newsboys, and the song’s “Who”.

Heh. It also turns out the words are actually “tender as a burger in your microwave”.

Now, before you think me either deaf or really ditzy, I must point out that others thought the same thing. One of ’em posted it at kissthisguy.com, the wonderful online archive of misheard song lyrics.

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