Buh-bye cabinets

Well, they’re gone and the kitchen echoes with their loss. Pictures and details here. The new cabinets will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. This weekend, we’ll pick up painting supplies and we’ll get started prepping and priming the walls on Monday. We’ve got a job ahead of us, but it’ll sure be nice when it’s done! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Buh-bye cabinets

  1. First off, I love the window between your commode and the bathroom sink. That is really cool.
    Secondly, are you scared yet? When we first start doing any major work I get really scared. You know – there’s no going back. But trust me it’s always great in the end.
    Thirdly, the treasures that you found are awesome! And to think they have been there all that time! Too Neat!

  2. I love that glass wall in the bathroom, too. We’re going to get Legato carpet tiles to put down in there since you can remove just a tile if there’s an “accident”. That’ll wait, though. As far as scared goes…Our kitchen cabinets are gone, so scared or not, we’re committed! I was scared we’d not be able to remove the soffit, and I was right. 🙁 BUT, it’ll all still look terrific once done. I’ll know that I didn’t get my multi-level cabinets, but no one just coming in and seeing them will know that…Except our friends and family around here and people who read my whining online!

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