Buddy seems to be what

Buddy seems to be what he answers to, or at least notices, so that’s what we call him. Not my first choice in names, but since we were saying it in a general way, why not? He slept on the bed all night, and this morning I noticed he and Emma were asleep facing each other, a tangle of paws on both short and long dog legs between them. Buddy also endeared himself to us by coming up to the head of the bed and putting his cold nose by my ear to wake me up. He had to go out. Boy, am I glad he’s a conscientious little fella and woke me instead of just finding a corner of the bedroom — or bed! — to relieve himself.

DH called the dog pound this morning, and no one has reported any male beagles missing. Yay! There’s no listings for any in the paper, either. Double-yay!

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