Bright and Early

It figures that because I stayed up until almost 5:00am, the OfficeMax delivery guys would come knocking at the door bright and early (early for me, anyway, at 9:45am). I am so glad I typed “knock loudly – my husband works nights and we may be asleep when you come” on the delivery instructions, for we were sound asleep when they began pounding with the doorknocker. I stumbled out of bed and pulled on yesterday’s jeans and t-shirt. There was no doubt we were home, what with all three dogs barking in excitement and my calling “just a minute! be right there!”

I swear, this pre-fab furniture is denser than gold bricks. I can’t even begin to lift two out of the three boxes those two men heaved into the livingroom. I’ll have to carry the desk and cabinet into the office piece-by-piece for assembly. I still have to disassemble our old desk, a heavy old thing which is held Frankensteined together with L-brackets and glue at this point. I’d like to donate it to someone who could use it, but I doubt it will survive another disassembly; due to its large size, it’s had to be taken apart each time we’ve moved.

And about this basement work we’re having done…Don’t know what brought that to mind, other than the fact that it’s January 7 and they’ve supposedly got us scheduled for January 9. Like I said before, we’re “on call” with Everdry, so our work could have been done with as little as a day’s notice up to this point. Of course, no one called. We were told the company would be out to put in the Ez-Breathe system December 9, but I reminded the guy we’d be out of town still. He promised a December 16 installation date, but that came and went without so much as a call. When we called a few days ago, the guy told us they normally install the EZ-Breathe at the same time they do the waterproofing work. It would be so nice, so refreshing, to get a straight answer when dealing with companies.

This “on call” status can mean we’re made to wait past our scheduled start date, however. I sure hope not, for we have to wait about three months after the sealing work is done before we can frame in and finish the basement rooms. However, if all goes as scheduled, I’ll be complaining about early-morning work crews, jackhammers and dust within mere days. How fun!

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