Brian Shaffer: missing medical student

Brian Shaffer, a medical student from The Ohio State University in Columbus, is still missing. I’m posting a couple of photos of Brian here in case any readers have information on his whereabouts.

He was last seen at 2:00am on April 1st at the Ugly Tuna Saloona. My prayers are with Brian and his family.

Brian-Shaffer.jpg Brian-Shaffer2.jpg

For more on this story, see coverage at NBC4i or WBNS-10TV. Anyone with leads may contact Crimestoppers anonymously at 645-TIPS (8477).

8 thoughts on “Brian Shaffer: missing medical student

  1. Wow! He’s a great looking guy. What a horrible-named place to go missing. He will be in my prayers.

  2. Brian Shaffer isn’t the only college student missing under strange circumstances.

    There is a long list. They may be connected because colleges do not provide Cubicle Level Protection for study areas and computer workstations.

  3. I know he’s not alone in being a missing college student – you’re so right. I posted about him specifically because he’s local to my area. Thank you for posting. I don’t quite understand all the information on your website. Can you succinctly explain what all it is you’re compiling there and tell more about it?

  4. Every human who ever lived had Subliminal Sight and Peripheral Vision Reflexes. If you have ever been startled when someone stepped up beside you or caught something out of the corner of your eye, that was a peripheral vision reflex.

    The problem is that although you can learn to ignore the movement that causes the reflex you can’t ‘stop seeing’ anything in your vision field. A thin slice of your vision field functions subliminally and only detects movement to trigger those reflexes. (Perform the psychology demonstration.)

    Early man and hunter gathers had no activity where they would sit for hours, lost in thought, while family or tribal members walked closely beside them. A slight level of dissociation is necessary to engage this problem. Reading, using a computer or daydreaming is enough. (See Chaco Canyon page.)

    Every time someone or something moves close beside you while you are concentrating or deeply mentally invested in any activity, you brain subliminally detects that “threat movement” and tries to warn you by attempting to force a startle and vision reflex.

    When a threshold of exposure to Subliminal Distraction is reached a mental break happens. The course of the breakdown and delusions will determine what happens.

    Try the Site Summary, Why College Disappearances and Suicides Happen, Dissociative Fugue Cases, and Culture Bound Syndromes pages. A Space Station page has NASA pictures to illustrate the problem.

    It was discovered in the 1960′, the Cubicle was the solution. (Modern Cubicle page)So few people are aware of the problem that it is never considered when there is a school shooting, postal shooting, or other bizarre event like the Winkler shooting.

  5. I just want his family and friends to know that he is in my prayers and so are they, May God bless.

  6. I \saw a story on brian about how he went missing. That was a couple of weeks ago. and i keep seeing his face .My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family . I hope he comes home safe.

  7. On Sept 14, Central Ohio Crime Stoppers and the Community lost a friend Randy Shaffer father of missing Ohio State medical student Brian Shaffer [] was killed when a tree fell on him. Randy had just lost his wife to cancer when three weeks later, his son disappeared without a trace. But Randy never gave up and helped many other families with missing adults and children. He also helped to raise thousand of dollars to help fight crime for Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, along with Tony Luzio, whose son is also missing. You can post your own letter to the family or memories of Randy on the DIARY page. As you will see, Randy Shaffer was loved and respected for what he has done and will be dearly missed by all. go to

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