Breathe, darn you, breathe!

I’m a CPAP newbie. I have sleep apnea, and just today picked up my CPAP machine from the sleep clinic. Tonight will be its maiden voyage and mine, aside from the brief hours I had one on me during the sleep study a few weeks back.

I’ve been so tired the last few weeks, nomatter how much sleep I get; there are some personal stresses in my life with the kitchen renovation and some other things, too, so I’m really feeling the lack of good sleep. I can’t wait to see if it helps me sleep better, and longer.

Rather than the nose mask type, I chose to try a new contraption which is sort of like an oxygen line, only the nozzles are large and seal into the nostrils. The nosepiece and tubes are made of very soft and pliable latex. It just looked like it would be more comfortable to sleep in than the whole mask; I might be able to sleep a little on my side with it.

Plus, I should look quite attractive in it…Boy, sure hope it doesn’t permanently stretch my nose holes. Entire cities may get lost in those things if it does!

The machine is set at an air pressure rate of 8 out of 20. The machine has a heated humidifier, which I’m betting my sinuses will really love, especially in winter. Then there’s the white noise factor, always a plus with me.

AND my insurance picked up the cost 100% with no co-pay! If the mask style doesn’t suit me, I can let them know in a week and they’ll let me have the other type, too, at no charge. Also, if the CPAP is difficult for me to adjust to, my insurance will let me get a bi-PAP machine. It costs a lot more, so they don’t offer that one right off the bat.

The insurance company is actually renting this machine for me for the month, to see if it works for me; if it does, they’ll pay the sleep clinic and buy it for me. It costs about $1200, so thank GOD for this insurance. The BiPAP machine is over $3000.

Well, enough chatter – I’m tired and I need to let Howie get his snickering and photographing done (his PDA has a camera, oh joy).

Wish me luck sleep!

2 thoughts on “Breathe, darn you, breathe!

  1. I love my machine. I get such great restful sleep now and went from 4 hours in bed at night to a pretty constant 7 hours and sometimes more. I never wake during the night anymore where before it seemed like I was never asleep. I have the bipap machine as that is what fit my particular breathing the best. For a great deal on your machines and masks go to They have great service too.


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