Breakin’ with Mr. Rogers

Growing up in the late 60’s and early 70’s, I never realized how Mr. Rogers kept his show relevant to the times. I was just learning about the world and had no frame of reference. Through the wonders of YouTube, I now can look back on his show through the decades and see how he kept up with the times.

Due to a mentally ill, violent and abusive alcoholic father, my home life was terrible when I was little. Mr. Rogers was an oasis for me. He didn’t just entertain me, but showed me that my feelings were legitimate, that I was special. He helped me learn coping skills, a lot of the time through make believe and play.

It’s sad that so many kids growing up in more recent years haven’t had anything much except disjointed multimedia shows. When kids are fed a steady diet of flashy, rapidly-changing images, they end up requiring that constant visual entertainment to be satisfied. Children’s TV lost its soul when Mr. Rogers died.

2 thoughts on “Breakin’ with Mr. Rogers

  1. I always loved the little Pittsburgh shots he’d do – being from the area. What I didn’t always understand, were the social acceptance stuff you probably really benefited from. Different circumstances though, eh?

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