Brawny lad

Just a quick note to say I must admit to being tickled to death by the new Brawny paper towels commercial with the cake-baking Brawny lad. Heeheehee! Kudos to the towel execs – you’ve got a good ad out there!

4 thoughts on “Brawny lad

  1. Good grief! I see what you mean about this one. I about giggled myself silly at the second segment. Are they airing them both?

  2. It is the funniest thing I have seen come out in years. I wonder if they will ever air that one though. I sure hope they do cause this world needs all the laughs it can get these days.

  3. There alots more at They are video ecards using the brawnyman. You can even make your own movie from approx 30 videos, hilarious. (you will need a fast internet connection)

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