Bragging rights

I just caught a new IKEA commercial on TV. We don’t have IKEA stores in Ohio, so this is the first ad I’ve seen. What a riot! You know it’s good if I immediately break my blogging silence to write a snippet about it, right?

In the ad, a woman is showing her friend her new apartment. The friend comments on how nice it looks. The woman starts pointing at things, blurting out dollar amounts, “Ten bucks! Fifteen! Four ninety-nine!”, while the friend just looks perplexed.

This is SO me! Not the perplexed part, though I often have this look painted on my face. No, I am the price-blurter! If a gal compliments my earrings, I compulsively brag, “99 cents at Gabriel Brothers!“. I *love* a good bargain and can’t help but blurt out my triumphs.

Anyone else like this?

Here are more IKEA ads, in case you, like me, don’t see them locally.

2 thoughts on “Bragging rights

  1. I blurt prices, but only because I don’t want people to think I spent a lot of money on myself. I’m totally different when it comes to the kids though – I blurt the expensive store names – I do spend money on their clothes and I do want them to be noticed. Why is that?!

  2. I so do the same thing, when I get it on sale. If not I usually will at least say the store where it was purchased.

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