Boiling frogs in America: Health care reform

We’ve all heard the story: If you put a frog in a pan of cold water, then put that pan on the burner to boil, the frog won’t know until it’s too late. That’s what’s happening in America with Obama’s health care agenda, among other things. We’re being boiled, but it’s happening a little at a time and we’re just sitting here as the temperatures rise.

I’ve never been a politically active person. I vote, and I will talk about politics to a limited degree, but only with those I know well. I don’t like conflict. But this issue has made me do something, because we ALL have too much to lose. I have to do something, anything, to spread the word.

Listen. This is not gay marriage. This is not gun control. It’s not welfare reform. Those issues only affect segments of society. This will effect EVERYONE in our country. It may not at first, while private health care exists, but it will become the ONLY health care available.

The people who Obama put in charge of writing this bill hold some of the scariest beliefs out there. Read what

Please, take a little less than six minutes of your time and watch this video.

You can read the transcript of this segment in this entry.

How, indeed, are we to provide care to everyone in America, but with less money? Like the video said, the only way that happens is if you keep health care costs down by denying care to people. And the wait times the video reports are happening in the UK and Canada. I know people from Canada who are dealing with this system. They do wait months for basic services. And if you have cancer or some other life-threatening disease? Too bad!

If you want to read more about how this agenda is being introduced to Americans little by little, see George F. Will’s piece, The Stealth Single-Payer Agenda. is an excellent read, too. Its author updates regularly with real-life scenarios and how this bill will impact people.

Want to read the bill? It’s all available online in a PDF: House Democrats Health Plan.

We do need health care reform in America, I believe that. But this is NOT it. Don’t let Obama’s oratory skills lull you into a false sense of security. Find out for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Boiling frogs in America: Health care reform

  1. Those lines were horrendous!
    โ€œThe only thing elective about this surgery was I elected to live.โ€ Poor woman.
    WOW! I cannot imagine waiting 24 hours in the emergency room. I complain if Iโ€™m there 3 or 4 hours! And 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ANIMALS can be seen within a week!

  2. I know our health care system needs a lot of work, but this is NOT the answer. So many people who have no insurance or have had to fight with private insurers are desperate and willing to jump on board out of their fear. They don’t see the long range repercussions of this legislation. The current plan is insane.

  3. I’ve been yelling about this since before he was elected. It’s a modification of HilaryCare and ^&$$#& I DON’T want it. We DESERVE (ok mabe a little strong but … need maybe … ) Universal **CITIZEN** Heath Care and I’m sure there is enough waste in the current systems to pay for the same care the President and Congress is willing to live with. I don’t want to come on too strong on your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ but One thing my DOG doesn’t deserve is a system like Canada or England! This is a 2+ tier system being proposed.

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