Body on Tap beer shampoo

Ah, the 70’s…Good times for silly products and commercials. Who remembers Body on Tap shampoo?

Gotta love the chic, feathered hairdo and that line, “Brewed with one third real beer….But don’t drink it!”

You have to wonder how much of that phrase was just a marketing tagline and how much was prompted by their legal department. Legal disclaimers have become an art form in our sue-happy society.

Lemon Up Shampoo magazine adWhat’s your favorite shampoo, from then or now? Anyone remember LemonUp Shampoo’s fresh fragrance? I adored that stuff. I’m a sucker for a good-smelling shampoo. I learned today that LemonUp is available again, thanks to Vermont Country Store. I’m tempted!

If you’re overcome with curiosity or have a renewed hankering for brew shampoos containing beer, you can always check out the new kids on the block like Duffy’s Brew, BRÖÖ Citrus Pale Ale, and Haslinger Bier Shampoo on Amazon. I was surprised beer shampoo is still available, though I really shouldn’t be.

Shoot, there’s even Root Beer Roundup Shampoo. Add a little vanilla and you, too, can smell like a root beer float.



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