Blogrolling dips its feet in the domain market

I got an e-mail from a couple days ago with news of a new service they’re offering. For $19.99/year, you can register a domain and have that domain forward to wherever you have your blog hosted. This kind of thing is great for those who don’t really want to have separate domain hosting, but would like an easier way for folks to remember how to find them.

Yes, you can register a domain name at for half that much and you get free e-mail with your domain.


Two things stand out to me:

With Blogrolling you get 250MB e-mail storage, not the 25MB offered by GoDaddy in their basic plan. If I were a user planning on using my new domain mail for my main address, I’d hate to have e-mails bounce because my mailbox were full. With attachments on some, it doesn’t take too many e-mails to fill up 25MB.

Additionally, Blogrolling offers private registration included in their price (with your personal info blocked, or under an umbrella, generic name). With GoDaddy, you must pay an extra fee of $8.95/year to have your domain made private. So, you’re looking at $8.95 registration plus another $8.95 fee.

Assuming you add GoDaddy’s privacy package. Prices equal, both services allow you to make your domain name point to whatever URL you wish and both give you an e-mail address with each domain registered. Still, you still get more e-mail storage with blogrolling.

If you’re just wanting to register a domain and host it elsewhere, GoDaddy’s a great place to buy. We get our domains through them. But if you’re just wanting your own personal domain name and want to have your registration info private, plus enjoy 250MB free e-mail storage, this Blogrolling deal looks pretty sweet.

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