Bitten by SIM Manager

Sometimes technology bites. Okay, let’s be honest, it bites a lot of the time! My T-Mobile Dash runs the Windows Mobile 6 operating system. As such, it uses Outlook to manage its contacts, but contacts may also be stored on the SIM card.

If contacts are on both, they show up as duplicate entries when you’re pulling a contact name for SMS, MMS or e-mail — something which had been bugging me. There is also a program called SIM Manager which allows for quick backup of contacts to the SIM card and manipulation of the contacts on the SIM card.

Long story short, I was using SIM Manager last night and I inadvertantly deleted my contacts from my phone, not my SIM card. I have been saving new contacts as Outlook contacts since the information’s more complete and I can sync it with my PC. So, I deleted a lot of peoples’ contact information when I assumed the SIM Manager’s “delete contacts” was deleting them from the SIM card, not the Dash. *sigh*

No problem, I thought, I’ll just sync my Dash with my PC and my contacts will be put back on the phone from Outlook. That would have worked flawlessly had I originally set my syncing up differently. The way it was, I had it set to go with what was on the Dash when it encountered changes. So, in Sync Center’s thinking, I wanted every one of the Outlook Contacts on my PC deleted. I was not happy.

All my Outlook contacts are gone. And no, I had not backed them up. I was using my Dash as a backup of them.

The good news is, I don’t use Outlook 2003 for my e-mail. The only reason it’s installed on my PC is for syncing contacts with my Dash. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for my e-mail, so the e-mail addresses of my contacts, at least, can be brought back into Outlook and synced with my Dash. Still, all the Outlook contacts I added via the Dash or into Outlook are gone. *sigh*

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