Birthdays at Bou

I had a great day at work today, with many of my favorite customers popping in during my afternoon shift. We also had a birthday girl come through the drive-thru. She pulled up to the window and handed me her coupon and photo ID (to prove it was her birthday). I smiled and wished her a happy birthday and rang up her free drink order.

One of the things Caribou Coffee does online for its registered members is e-mail a coupon for a free drink on the member’s birthday. I know how a frou-frou drink can be the perfect little indulgence for celebration, so I always try to make the visit extra fun for the birthday boy or girl.

“Hey, David — let’s sing ‘Happy birthday’ to this lady. C’mon!”

Would you believe he declined? What am I going to do with this fella? (You know I love you, David!) I mused, “should I sing it in my best lounge club voice, or do it straight up?”.

When her drink was ready, I brought it to the window and said, “You have to have a song today!” and sang her happy birthday song. I hadn’t gotten her name. NOTE TO SELF: Make a point to remember the name from the photo ID. What to do? I improvised:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear addict
Happy birthday to you

Her face split into a wide smile and she laughed. Her eyes sparkled. And you know what? It made MY day to see that.

I love this job so much. 🙂 Whereas I’ve not had energy and felt joyful at past jobs, I am consistently upbeat at this job. Being around people, seeing my customers and laughing with them, energizes me in a way no other job has. I’m also thankful for how all my coworkers pitch in to cover in the areas I still can’t handle with my shoulder. There is plenty I am able to do now, so even though I’m still on light duty, I’m no longer feeling like such a third wheel. The muscle memory is being forged once again, so everything doesn’t feel like it’s my first week all over again.

Yes, I am still having some bad pain in my shoulder, but I’m getting back into the swing of things in spite of it. If I have to take some pain medication to get through the bad times and to help me sleep, so be it. At least I’m back on the schedule at work, I’m scrapbooking again, and am out doing things I enjoy. That’s more than many people have, and I’m thankful for it.

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