Birthday amoeba?

I was just browsing eBay for the phrase handmade scrapbook embellishments. The first ones I found appear to be your standard, mass-produced and imported dollar store fare to me, not handmade as I was thinking (as in Art Fire or Etsy kind of handmade).

Take this item, for example. It wasn’t OOAK, but it was interesting. The silver objects, now those I can understand. They’re a wrapped package, a balloon and a birthday cake. I get that. But what the heck is that white and yellow, polka-dotted thing?

An amoeba?

It’s everything you need for your protozoa party!

Update after the jump…

Update: I asked the seller what that embellishment is supposed to be. The seller replied, “It is a baby carriage.” Wow. Never would have guessed that in a million years!

5 thoughts on “Birthday amoeba?

  1. Noooo. I was just checking out handmade embellishments because I would like to make and sell them. I wanted to see what the average selling price was on eBay for unique, OOAK pieces.

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