Birds on a wire: a balancing act

Just a quick entry here to mention something that just tickles me. Just outside my office window, there are phone, cable and electric lines going into the house. These lines, especially the rectangular-shaped phone line, is the embodiment of Grand Central Station when it comes to birds.

Today I’ve watched a series of still fluffy and scraggly fledgling birds try to get the hang of being a bird on a wire. The phone line is not nice and round like the coax line, so it’s funny seeing the birds adapt to its particular twists. They flap, squawk and wobble, and the cable jerks back and forth…It’s quite a show!

First I saw two European Starling fledglings decide that flapping down to the ground for feeding was preferable. I know Starlings are considered a nuisance bird, but they make me laugh, especially the young ones. They’re in the same family as mynah birds, which we had as pets when I was in grade school.

Later, an fluffy and awkward American Robin fledgling took a brief stab at balancing there before flying away.

The new camera’s zoom isn’t quite strong enough for me to get decent pictures, so you’ll just have to settle for the mental images. I do have a picture of a mourning dove squab in my gallery, though.

A friend of mine from Dave’s Garden, CrimsonTsavo, is raising two bluejays. You can see pictures and information about them at her site.

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5 thoughts on “Birds on a wire: a balancing act

  1. Those blue jays are beautiful but is it the jays that are such pests and is there a difference between a blue jay and a blue bird?

  2. They’re pests to many, robbers of nests and bossy, yes. But…They’ve gotta eat, too, and that’s what they eat. They’re also highly intelligent and full of personality. Bluejays are different from bluebirds, yes. The ones we have in Ohio are Eastern Bluebirds. They’re lovely, but not nearly as tame or easy to attract as Bluejays!

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