Biking in the cold takes dedication

Howie’s enjoying his new bike a lot. The recent decline in temperatures hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm, for he’s still riding his bike to work unless the roads are slick (or he sleeps in a little, which is rare). Check him out in his cold weather gear this morning!

Howie the bike Ninja

He looks like a helmeted bike ninja…Way to go, ninja man! He really ought to write a blog entry about the gear he’s using, especially that hood. He bought it at Iron Pony, a specialty store for motorcyclists. It’s very snug-fitting, so it fits beneath his bike helmet. His knit hood wouldn’t fit, so this is great for him.

Us ladies wouldn’t much want to wear one, though — kiss that makeup goodbye, not to mention your hairstyle. Howie has a buzz cut and isn’t one for makeup, so it suits him fine. 😉

2 thoughts on “Biking in the cold takes dedication

  1. I left a comment for this yesterday. I guess it did not take. Your site looked different at the time. It was pruple with pretty flowers.

  2. I love that template, but the comments were messed up in its display. My new Shower page, a virtual baby shower for my friend Michele, didn’t show any of the 23 comments left on the page. Grrrr. Wish I’d noticed that!

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