Beyond sotto voce

I have no voice. No, not in the political or social sense, but literally. I started getting a cold a few days ago, and after talking with an erratic, goose-honk voice yesterday, I have no voice today. From what I’ve read about laryngitis, whispering is as stressful on the vocal cords as talking, so I’m trying not to whisper, either.

So, callers are guaranteed to get our answering machine today. I had Howie call my folks and let them know why I won’t answer the phone. A while later, my mom called and began leaving a message, saying she was calling the defenseless person who couldn’t talk back. Figures. I picked up the phone and just gave her a raspberry! See, I still get in the last, ummm, thpppbbt!

Good news: The kitchen should actually be finished tomorrow, save my part of caulking the gaps and nail holes in the trim and doing final touch-up. My MIL helped me carry in the new (used) couch and chairs yesterday, then volunteered herself to help me clean. We worked our butts off and got the living room looking great. It was like “While You Were Out”…Howie was so surprised when he got home. I even had toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup waiting for him. His mom stayed up really late (for her) so she could see his reaction.

He was appreciative…He brought home pretty potted orange and yellow mums when he went shopping this afternoon. What a guy. 🙂

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  1. How cool! You should have invited a few strangers with video camera’s over to greet him and capture the moment!

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